Instructor, Choreographer, Coach & Dancer
Fashion Designer – Specializes in Performance Latin Costumes, Evening and Wedding Gowns.


Omar Guttie has made his mark in the Los Angeles salsa community. Dancer, to choreographer, to fashion designer, Omar is the ultimate triple threat.

Born in Nicaragua, he moved to the US in 1995. Soon after, Omar began his education and this is where he found his love affair for the fine arts. He attended high school, where he immersed himself in singing to get over his shyness. Years later in college, where he studied fashion design, he was drawn to another artistic direction of Latin dance. As he took his first salsa class in 2003, Omar’s inevitable talent and amazing dance career was born. He became known in the salsa community as an equally strong leader and follower. To diversify and elevate his dancing abilities, Omar refined his skills by taking different genres of dance such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Ballet and Hip Hop classes. “In order to be a great dance teacher, you have to know other styles of dance.” This approach set Omar apart from his peers.

As he mastered his craft in salsa he realized something was missing from the LA salsa scene. Although he taught on-one he began studying east coast salsa on-two and infused the styles. He uses New York mambo influence, which encompasses musicality and feeling of songs, and merges it with west coast on-one technique. He refers to this as “new school salsa”.

Omar uses his “new school salsa” style as a master instructor at Lumina Academy of Dance in Pasadena. His classes are known for his high level salsa techniques and creative patterns, with mambo flair. For Omar it is important for his students not only to learn dance patterns but to learn musicality and the rhythm of the beats. “Anyone can learn a pattern, but how you feel and dance it on the floor is key to a successful salsa dance.”

In 2009, Omar began a new business venture and founded his dance company Ritmo y Magia Latina. He now has the chance to showcase his craft by choreographing new and innovative dance routines for Amateur and Semi Pro teams. He is proud of his students who get to perform at various Salsa Congresses, dance clubs, competitions, and private events. In addition to dance, Omar expanded his brand as Creative Director and Fashion Designer for dance teams and figure skaters. “Creating costumes is an extension of my dance movements.” He also designs ready-to-wear for both men and women.

Omar will continue his artistic journey, through movement of dance, choreographing creative routines, and designing innovative costumes & clothing. He was once a boy from Nicaragua that found his way to the US and is now living the American dream. Live, Love, Dance, Design….The life of Omar Guttie.

Omar Guttie

By Vanessa Gulino